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We strive to provide the most effective and efficient residential and commercial tenant eviction legal services available. We are a full service transaction and civil litigation law firm providing representation of clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Central Florida (Orlando, etc), Central East Coast (Daytona, etc.), and the Florida Gulf Coast (Ft. Myers through St. Petersburg/Clearwater). One of our practice areas is Landlord-Tenant Evictions.

Associations Right to Evict . .

JULY 18, 2012

Associations can evict Tenants of property owners. In response ..[+]

Distress Writs & Abandoned Property

JULY 18, 2012

A Commercial Landlord has a Landlord's lien upon all ...........[+]

Unlawful Detainer, Ejectment Cases & Squatters

JULY 18, 2012

Alternatives to an eviction include Unlawful Detainer and ............[+]

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AUGUST 6, 2013

Residential Landlord-Tenant Law seminar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida sponsored by Sterling Education Services, Inc. Kevin Fabrikant, Esq., of the Eviction Law Firm will be lecturing about the obligations of both Landlords and Tenants during the tenancy.
http://store.sterlingeducation.com/seminar/13FL08175-Residential-Landlord-Tenant-Law-Fort- Lauderdale-FL/faculty [+]

APRIL 1, 2013

Multi-Family and Apartment Investing SIGroup meets in Orlando, Florida. The Group will discuss investing opportunities, as well as the financial and legal concerns about investing in multi-family properties.
http://www.meetup.com/realestate-215/events/trwxpyrgbcb/ [+]

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